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                          According to the Education (Amendment) Ordinance 2004, St. Rose of Lima's College is required to set up an Incorporated Management Committee (IMC). The Committee shall include Sponsoring Body Managers, the Principal, Teacher Manager, Alternate Teacher Manager, Parent Manager, Alternate Parent Manager, Alumni Manager and Independent Manager(s). The tenure of all managers serving for this term will hold office until 31st August 2021. St. Rose of Lima’s School Past Students’ Association (SRL PSA), as the only alumni association recognized by the sponsoring body of St. Rose of Lima’s College, will conduct the election of alumni manager in the IMC. 


Schedule of Election of Alumni Manager



Nomination Process

On or before 8th April 2021

Each nominated candidate should email the completed nomination form to the Returning Officer.


20th April 2021

The completed nomination form will be uploaded on school website.

8th May 2021

The nominated candidate shall attend the General Meeting, at which the election will be held.

The Returning Officer will count the vote and announce the results.

The Returning Officer will inform all its members the results of the election.

9th – 16th May 2021

Unsuccessful candidate may appeal to the SRL PSA in writing together with the reasons.

17th May 2021

SRL PSA will nominate to the IMC the alumnus elected as an alumni manager of the school.


                          A nomination form and a sample are attached. If you have any enquiries related to this election of Alumni Manager of IMC, please feel free to contact Michelle Chan at


a Guide for Alumni Manager Election

a SRL PSA Manager Nomination Form

a SRL PSA Manager Nomination Form (sample)

a Education Ordinance-Provisions relating to Election of Alumni Managers